Canadian Single Trip Travel Insurance


Manulife Travel Insurance provides financial protection against unexpected financial loss, death or material damage. It can also cover medical expenses when you are abroad and can assist families in the event of job loss. In the unfortunate event that an emergency arises while you travel away from home country, territory or province, travel medical insurance will aid you and those you love in safeguarding your health.

A wide variety of travel insurance policies are available and Manulife Travel Insurance can assist you in choosing the best coverage. Whether you are traveling for business or pleasure, a policy that covers all of your travel needs, single-trip or multi-trip, is necessary to ensure that you receive assistance if an illness or accident occurs while you are abroad. This includes assistance obtaining a temporary visa, arranging onward travel to your original destination, compensation for delayed or damaged baggage and emergency evacuation from a flight or ship.

Medical coverage is offered as part of a multi-va scheme and includes medical evacuation to Canada as well as transportation to an air medical hospital. The medical coverage provided by this plan is comprehensive. It can be tailored to your specific medical needs. Coverage includes medically-needed procedures like heart transplants and dialysis. It can also cover medication for children and critical care and dialysis services.

As a member of the Canadian Immigration Services, a person travelling outside of his own country can use the medical services of a private medical provider at no cost. This option can be very helpful in securing special benefits for immigrants moving to Canada. If a person already has health problems that might require special medical care or in the event of an emergency while travelling outside of his own country, he can avail of a coverage that covers these medical costs. Manulife Travel Insurance also offers coverage for family travel plans. This helps all family members, including children, who are travelling abroad get the medical attention they need at a medical facility that may be far from home.

The Manulife Travel Insurance also offers coverage for trips to Canada for residents of certain countries. Coverage includes visits to Vancouver, British Columbia; Calgary, Alberta; Winnipeg, Manitoba; and Toronto, Ontario. Certain provinces offer special programs that are specifically designed for resident students travelling to Canada. A student travel insurance plan can provide funds for airfare, housing and other expenses incurred for studying in Canada.

The third type of travel insurance policy offered by Manulife is the Single-trip Manulife Travel Insurance. This plan can be purchased for trips that last no longer than three days or can be renewed after the expiry date. The policy gives coverage for medical care coverage for individuals who do not belong to any group that requires coverage. This single-trip travel medical insurance policy allows tourists to choose from a variety of plans including a limited medical care coverage.

In addition to the Manulife travel insurance plans mentioned above, there are also other Canadian providers of travel insurance. These companies include Canadian Travel Insurance, Canadian Travel and Insurance, Travel Investors, Travel Northwest, Travel West Insurance Company and Travelzoo. They have specialized travel insurance plans that are suited forCanadians who are travelling abroad. In addition, they also offer coverage for trips to Canada for residents of some other countries who are still waiting to enter Canada through the Immigration process.

A Canadian single-trip policy can be purchased online from the sites of these companies. This can be done at no extra cost and usually takes only a few minutes. Then, a policy number and a short quote will be provided. All these details should be filled in by the customer. In about ten minutes, an all-inclusive plan with a Manulife premium will be generated.