Travel Health Insurance Plan – Traveling Abroad Requires a Health Insurance Plan

  Travel health insurance is coverage for travelers that are leaving their own country and are concerned about an emergency medical situation while away from home. It offers basic coverage for emergencies, and in some cases, may even provide coverage for pre-existing conditions. However, your normal health insurance coverage from home may not cover you … Read more

What Does Mexico Travel Insurance Cover?

  Mexico Travel Insurance is a must when traveling to this part of the world. Travel Insurance for Mexico is relatively inexpensive, compared to travel insurance in the U.S. or Europe. It s not generally an entry requirement, however, it s still advisable to travel with some form of travel insurance for Mexico, particularly during … Read more

Canadian Single Trip Travel Insurance

  Manulife Travel Insurance provides financial protection against unexpected financial loss, death or material damage. It can also cover medical expenses when you are abroad and can assist families in the event of job loss. In the unfortunate event that an emergency arises while you travel away from home country, territory or province, travel medical … Read more