When it Comes to Travel Health Insurance, Don’t Wait to Buy


When you’re travelling out of your own country, it’s essential to purchase international travel health insurance to cover yourself financially against medical treatments or injuries incurred abroad. Freedom to consult with a doctor or hospital of your own choice, in any country. You may be thinking that insurance of this sort doesn’t really apply in international travel, but in reality it does!

Many countries, especially developing countries, don’t have a tradition of medical attention when it comes to their citizens. This can lead to huge problems in case of an emergency, and there is very little medical infrastructure to deal with such situations. If you’re abroad and get injured, there’s absolutely no way of making a phone call to an ambulance or hospital in the USA to book an emergency trip – or even a doctor! So what’s the solution?

That’s where international travel medical insurance comes into play. It provides you with the security necessary to ensure that in the unfortunate event of an emergency, you’ll be taken care of by medical professionals who are fully equipped to deal with any emergency. There is an almost infinite resource of qualified doctors in virtually every country that you might travel to, including advanced life support teams that operate around the clock. This is not something you have to take on your own in your own country.

In fact, many travelers prefer to go abroad for a short holiday instead of staying within their own country for too long. International travel medical insurance plans provide coverage in cases where you get injured while traveling abroad. This may include injury from flight delay, accident or sports injury. It can also include coverage when you experience an illness while traveling out of the country – even if you’re only out for a few days. If you need coverage for longer than a few days, many plans include “extended travel” so that you won’t have to worry about the limits of your coverage.

When it comes to an international travel health insurance plan’s definition of “expedition,” it can be anything from an extended business trip, to visiting an exotic country. You might even be covered while traveling abroad to participate in a sport such as skiing or snowboarding. Many of these plans will offer coverage for sporting events that last more than a few days. So even if you’re traveling to Europe for a week or two, you can be sure to find a plan that will cover you.

A lot of people have asked about the difference between primary coverage and secondary coverage. A primary plan can be called on by U.S. citizens abroad who need urgent medical treatment. They pay whatever premiums are applicable and they’re reimbursed directly by the American government. The secondary coverage is available for people whose medical needs aren’t covered by their primary policy.

There’s no shame in taking precautions when traveling abroad. As a matter of fact, thousands of American and Canadian travelers do just that every year. In the case of medical care, however, U.S. citizens should be aware that they are not eligible for any type of assistance provided under the programs run by the State Department for medical care outside the country. If a traveler needs emergency medical care he or she should consult their own insurance company or contact the American Red Cross.

International travel health insurance coverage is available for a wide range of trips, including those to Canada, South America, Australia, Germany, Russia, and more. For many people, this is an indispensable part of taking a trip abroad. Whether it’s because of a recent tragic experience abroad or a simple planned getaway, there are a variety of reasons to consider obtaining coverage before departing. And, in the case of travel to Canada, an international travel plan can save a traveler a bundle on premiums.